Oster Bread Machine 5838

Best For:
  • Just starting out
  • Basic bread making

  • Compact Model
  • Affordable
  • Horizontal loaf of bread
  • Weak Motor
  • Problems with bread collapsing
  • Inadequate Mixing

The Oster Bread Machine 5838 is a decent model at a decent price. For under $60, it's a great deal at Amazon. If you are interested in a machine that will make a basic loaf of bread at an affordable price, it's a great option.

The 5838 comes with a few good features. It has a thirteen hour delay, as well as a one hour warming feature. So you can set it up in the morning for a fresh loaf of bread when you come home. It also has a rapid bake cycle, as well as a regular cycle. One thing I especially liked about this model was that it makes a horizontal loaf of bread, so it would be more in the traditional shape.

However, that feature may cause a few of the problems people cited in their reviews. Some people had trouble with the dough mixing adequately. Many times, flour was left on the sides. This is probably because the Oster Bread Machine 5838 only has one paddle in the horizontal pan.

Other people reported that the loaves collapsed on the top when using the regular cycle. However, this may be from using rapid rise yeast instead of regular yeast in that cycle.

It also has a weaker motor, so you may not be able to get heavier grains and add ins such as raisins to mix properly through the dough.

However, if you are looking for a base model bread maker that just makes bread and pizza dough, the Oster Bread machine 5838 is an affordable and reliable option for you.

To see the Oster at Amazon, please follow this link: Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker, White